I Surprised Marshmello With A $10,000 Custom Bag!

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 18 ਜੂਨ 2020
ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼ 14 794 955
10 000

I can't believe we surprised the real Marshmello

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)

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    Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
    Thanks to Marshmello and his team for doing this with us!

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      I'm not to drink is stupid stuff

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      Pls pls pls can you surprised txunamy with as many as apple and gucci gadgets so ill pray for you to have more subs,followers pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee request from indian pleassss

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      How much are those LV tire locks worth?

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      plzplzpzlplzplzplzplzplz give me one

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    The dragon is amazing I love all your artwork

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    Waste of food

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    I need gaming pc😭😭😭😭

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    Hi I'm in 2021

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    I made a a painting of you and everybody who did art and every superstar

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    I dare you to give me 1 million

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    haha the way ZHC said nasty

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    I've always loved ur videos but wasting food like that doesn't seem so cool.. I mean try saving up some food n donate it to those who needs it.. it's worth more tan making videos where foods are wasted..

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    My heart when Leo fell on the s’more…. 🥺💔 I love s’mores and it got wasted :( so much food got wasted in this video

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    You and Michel so cute

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    when u first hear his voice wtf hahahaha enjoy

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    OMG MARSHMALLO plz respond to my DMS😬

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    So everyone's gonna let it slip? That Zach dont like chocolate, marshmellows AND crackers????

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    Those poor marshmallows are drowning
    Lol 😱😂⭐️✨

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    Leo i love you 🥺you cute 👉👈

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    🤬🤬🤬🤬pls don't waste food give someone who really need🤬🤬

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    Who remember ZHC when he was drowing anime characters?

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    A big marker

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    i know marshmello

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      No one care and ask

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    You know marshmallow is shawn mendas

    • Nightmare


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      Mellow is not Shawn Mendes he dressed up as marshmallow.

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    ZHC you are my favorite youtuber you inspired me to do art.

  • Gerald Mike

    Gerald Mike

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    500 years later : ZHC surprises Alicia with a custom galaxy and earth....

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      @Gerald Mike yup

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      @chiken nuggie i'm so cryzy

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      @chiken nuggie this video in one years go I'm posting this chat I'm not see this video posting in one year's t o'

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      @chiken nuggie 😂😂😂😂

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      chiken nuggie

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      They won't live for that long but his art will🤣

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    Dhiya Nasriyah Nazaruddin

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    I like Zach said *I DON'T LIKE CHOCLATE OR MARSMALLOW OR CRACKERS* and i like Leo just run into that Marsmallow crackers!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    hey ZHC does your hand hurt when you draw

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    Hahahahahahahahah funny Leo 😂😂



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    Fact :- Comments are funnier than the video

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    Army Blink

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    7:05 Did Leo just jump in the pool WITH SOCKS. Oh my go I am dead💀

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    Bolt Slays

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    20 years later : i will be 36 years

  • Jen Ly

    Jen Ly

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    30 years later: I surprised THE QUEEN WITH CUSTOM CROWN

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    New ppl : probably doesn't believe its the real marshmello

    Fans : OMG


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    I love your videos your so talented

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    Bro I thought 10k were heavy 🤔

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    I'm so sad I don't have Instagram 😭



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    Please don't waste foods like that

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    Gowri Gunda

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    15 years later: surprising next president with a customised White House



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    Don't waste food bro 😠

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    And he can't tarnish all of this otherwise you would recognize him

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    100m subscribes you must show your face deal

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    Wow wow wow you just make a gift to marshmelo and the you eat him hahahahaha

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    Eusebius Lim zhiying (Rivervaleps)

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    Zack be like:Those feet are nAstY



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    In this vid as marshmallows voice

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    is that real marsmello

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    1000 years later "giving the whole world a custom gummy bear" lol

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    Michelle is so cute🥺🌸

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    ✨ Itz_Angie_Piez ✨

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    5 years later: ZHC gives BTS its custom Mic

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    Do itsfunneh

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    Hello marshmello I love you



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    I allready subscribe all ❤️from🇲🇾

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    Who wants to see the face of Marsh mellow

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    I luv drawing

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    Song fan of you

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      Really good fan and I love you so much I love you creations

  • Renred V. Esteban

    Renred V. Esteban

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    100 years later:ZHC surprises luffy with custom straw hat

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    shaquille smith

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    can i get one
    can i have a lv custom



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    Don't waste food

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    I wish I knew him

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    i soo love marshmello...❤💕🍭

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    Jayden’s World

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    1M years later ZHC surprise The Weeknd with 20 custom chains

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    Zachary Legend is ur nickname cuz ur fire 🔥

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    i love zach aka sins to years i watched this channel so love you

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    I unsubscribe you because you waste food

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    Just me that thought he sounded like dream in the beginning 😭✋

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    My contry is kurd stan plis im subs yuo kanay give ifon 12 plas maks

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    ifon 11

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    i love you marsmello and zhc

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    ZHC be like: oh wow, a rich person! How about we give him even more money?

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    I wish my boyfriend bought me loui Viton shoes and customized them and cared about me also that I had a boyfriend lol🤣

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    Wow you rich rich 👍

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    You are awesome dude!!!

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    Keeping on making the vis satisfying

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    How you get his number

  • Birte Komolong

    Birte Komolong

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    Did you see his face 👀

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    He should make his own comic book

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    I feel bad for the marshmallows🥲

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    That editing bro its so sick

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    Wow his voice is so cool I wish I can see his face though but awesome

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    I,m a FAN for Morchmelo



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    200 years later: zhc customizing all the planets

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    Ryan Doleh

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    Marshmallow is the best singer I love alone

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    ZHC U should make Braxtrap10 and Dream and Prestonplays and Mr.Beast and devilking and caylus/ Infinite

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    Gold Steal

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    Marshmallow show you’re face



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    Bro just don't waste foods plzz🥲🥲

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    I subscribe already

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    3:05 everyone subscribe or you’ll be roasted like this 😂

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    Money ppl wasting food like jumping

    Ever thought of poor ppl who doesn't have money to eat!!



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    Love it

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    How much does it cost you to do this video

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    Hey can you give me 1 billion phones and two big Macs not from McDonald’s from the Apple shop and 1 billion nails please paint them with PUBG and siren head all the games please even you guys

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    Omg is Z marshmallow DJ OMG he is my biggest fan aaaaaaaaa!!!

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    The one who can

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    When did Marshmello started talking